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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Ascension Thursday Sunday

Don't recall who calls it that, hope it's someone I "like." (or at least, of whom, and of whose effect on the People of God I approve. Even some writers with whom I generally agree don't make the cut on that. I digress.)
It didn't even occur to me that someone who has more to do with organizing the liturgy than i wouldn't know that in this diocese big swath of the country, we celebrate Ascension, not the Seventh Sunday.
Should have seen the face when I began, "In my first book, Theophilus...."

Should have known, or guessed, from the accent - we both grew up in dioceses that take the longer view of thin, that practice more traditionally, perhaps taking their cues from a time when American Catholics were happy, even proud, to insist on their catholicity, their... identity?

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