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Saturday, 9 May 2015

What Were Those Trees?

One of the silly delights of falling more deeply in love, after you are already "in love," is in discovering similarities in your differences.
(As an example of this, Himself and I the first time we dined out on chicken acted as if we'd discovered the cure for the common cold, ooh, I like white meat and you like dark, yes, but, not only is that a handy complementarity when apportioning the bird, we seemed to consume our food at exactly the same rate!!!!! the same, shamefully rapid, rate.....)

My Father used to like to fib that he knew only two flowers, roses and sweet william - he stubbornly named any non-Rose bloom, ah - sweet william! 
Image result for sweet william

On our honeymoon I learned Himself calls all, not merely flowers, all PLANTS regardless of size, type, "zinnia."
Image result for zinnia yellow
I just realized that this is more or less when we were in England, and i'm thinking I ought to finally find out what those gorgeous flowering trees were - one did not pass a churchyard or walk down a suburban street, or wander in a park that wasn't resplendent with one.
I asked him if he knew, but i don't care what he said - these were not zinnia, (I kinda hate yellow flowers.)

These were EVERYWHERE!
And they were GORGEOUS! rich, complex rose and pink and blush colors, so lush with blossoms that until you got very close they seemed to have no foliage.
We asked several people, different days, different towns - alas, for a nation of avid gardeners. no one we met seemed to know.

What's blooming there now?
I search the web looking for their picture, their name...

Were they simply apple?
Not that apple isn't a fine thing for them to be.
Mabe a Judas tree......
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