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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Seamless Garment

Seamless garment, huh? How's that workin' out for ya?
I think the strategy of "picking your battles" can be a sound one.
I think there are times when in order to ultimately achieve a greater good one may rightfully decide, not to do evil, never that, but to forgo expending resources fighting a lost cause, or engaging in a skirmish that one cannot win now but might be able to at some future date.
Looking back, who does it seem saw the future most clearly here ?
In one corner was New York's Archbishop John J. O'Connor, hard battler against abortion, and in the other was Chicago's Cardinal Joseph L. Bernardin, advocate of a "consistent ethic" for life in all its aspects.
They traded some gentle, glancing nudges, but mostly talked of how much time they have spent as partners in the ring together, perhaps sparring a bit, but working for common objectives.
"You got caught in an eggbeater," O'Connor said. "Some people feel you softened the position against abortion because of your 'seamless garment' view for a consistent ethic about life."
Bernardin said that approach by U.S. bishops has "strengthened our position," recognizing the "linkage of all life issues" and upholding the "sacredness of life" against various threats such as war, want and abortion.
By the way, "caught in an eggbeater"?

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