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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Signs and Wonders

We drove some distance to go to Mass on Sunday.
It was Mothers' Day and I couldn't bear, didn't want to risk going to our parish, and besides, I don't often have the opportunity to attend the Extraordinary Form.
We arrived early, and after praying before Mass,  I was talking to my Mother and Father, as is my wont.
How much Mom had loved it the few times I was able to bring here there.
I've been laughing lately, somewhat ruefully, that the Almighty only breaks the laws of nature, only gives us miracles when they are necessary, for faith - so if you already believe you're plumb out of luck! No miracles for YOU....
But gee, wouldn't a sign be swell? just a little one? Dad? Mom?
No, I know. It isn't necessary.
But would it kill ya?
That's okay.
I feel especially close to my parents, really to all my family, even those I never knew, in Church. At Mass, especially at the Latin Mass that generations of them sang and prayed.
I love this from a letter of St. Teresa of the Andes:
How I would have loved to be by your side...But our souls met by the tabernacle.
And so they do.
Our souls meet by the tabernacle.

Anyway, I need to take advantage of the few weeks this time of year when I can get there, you know, long drive or not, before it's back to the dry, minimalism of...
Wait, what?.... what's the priest saying, what' he announcing before Mass?
He's being transferred, he won't be available to say the EF for them any more down here.

He's being transferred

He's being transferred to a parish in my town.

Signs and wonders, signs and wonders

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