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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Show mercy to the people called by Your name!

Come to our aid, O God of the universe,
look upon us, show us the light of Your mercies,
and put all the nations in dread of You!
Thus they will know, as we know,
that there is no God but You, O Lord.
Give new signs and work new wonders.
            Gather all the tribes of Jacob,
            that they may inherit the land as of old,
            Show mercy to the people called by Your name;
            Israel, whom You named your firstborn.
            Take pity on Your holy city,
            Jerusalem, your dwelling place.
            Fill Zion with Your majesty,
            Your temple with Your glory.
Give evidence of Your deeds of old;
fulfill the prophecies spoken in Your name,
Reward those who have hoped in You,
and let Your prophets be proved true.
Hear the prayer of Your servants,
for You are ever gracious to Your people;
and lead us in the way of justice.
Thus it will be known to the very ends of the earth
that You are the eternal God.

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