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Friday, 1 May 2015

Connect the Dots, Follow Premises To Their Natural Conclusion, You Become Pro-Life?

Hillary Clinton gave a "huge" speech at Columbia two days ago.
Ostensibly, it was about the criminal justice reform our nation needs so utterly.

Because, um.... human lives.
She talked about how our,
system can be and all too often is stacked against those who have the least power, who are the most vulnerable....
Let's remember the aspirations and values that unite us all: That every person should have the opportunity to succeed. That no one is disposable. That every life matters.
The world will come around yet.
Because people are basically good.
And because true liberality is horrified at the idea that one human being, for some seemingly logical, important reason --  or even  for no reason at all -- is entitled to snuff out another's life.

To dispose of that other life.

As if that other life didn't matter.
How could that be acceptable, because that human life is ... different? of no use? other?
Logic demands you acknowledge that such callousness towards vulnerable others, or even toward one tiny vulnerable other, is no way forward for humanity.

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