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Saturday, 9 May 2015

More on Irish Singing

Incidentally, my determination to learn that style of singing was cemented paper clipped, (I often fail to walk the talk of anything that might require me to, say, venture out into the sunlight,) by the wonderfully raw singing at the end of the last Call the Midwife I watched, at the funeral of an aged Traveller, her community's onetime midwife  who gradually slipped away over the course of the episode.

My fascination with so many aspects of that storyline did not mitigate my sadness that this show which is ordinarily so filled with joy over and appreciation for every life, however frail or damaged or precarious or atypical, promoted a boyfriend's furtherance of the abortion a young woman did not want to have as the "loving" to do.

Update: apologies, I did not know that word was a slur, it has been replaced

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