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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Irish and the Free Expression of Opposing Political Opinions

The case over whether a bakery can be compelled write political slogans with which they disagree on cakes, (the law says, apparently, only if the plaintiff is gay,) reminded me of a movie whose name I can't remember just now.

A sleazy night club manager in England sticks it to his organized crime bosses by booking gatherings of two different groups of senior citizens for the same date - one is a sodality from the local Catholic parish, or some such, all Irish ex-pats, and die-hard republicans; and the other, also Irish ex-pats, are super-annuated orangemen, getting ready for a march, IIRC.

One sweet little old (protestant,) lady says at one point, that's she's never really liked being required to shout, "F@*# the Pope!" at the rallies....

Wonder whether republican and orangeman bakeries have obligations to inscribe each others' slogans on half-sheet devils' food?

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