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Monday, 5 April 2010

A Blessed Easter!

Wishing my 1.67 readers a wonderful and prayerful Octave of Easter.

Asked, spur of the moment, to chant the Litany of Saints for the baptisms at our Easter Vigil, (which I was both proud and humbled to do.)

We had more baptisms and full receptions into the Faith this year than in recent years. I wonder what national stats show.
Attendance was down for Thursday and Saturday, but Friday held, (I'm told, couldn't attend,) so I think disaffection with the Church through the efforts of various haters was not much of a factor -- the attitude of the PIP to the approach to the liturgy taken by TPTB because of demographic considerations, on the other hand? now that's disaffection.
Sung Morning Prayer for the Triduum was well attended, and I think reasonably fervently sung. (I'd like to destroy all the microphones in the world, however...)

And yesterday was simply a blessed, blessed day.

Because of Himself's schedule, if we were to be able to see each other at all, I could not sing at my parish, so feeling not a twinge of guilt I found myself a pew-sitter at an Ordinary Form Mass in Latin with sung Gregorian ordinary and propers, and utterly thrilling organ music, I mean thrilling.
I mean, every bone in your body thrilling to it, and thinking surely that will be the underscoring when Judgement Day arrives.

And then another Mass (orchestral,) and the Divine Mercy novena chanted, and sung pontifical Vespers, and...
(and then....? Well, by that time I didn't care that I was stranded in the rain for a few hours waiting for a ride.)

Himself sometimes, when he's at a Latin EF Mass, say, or some LotH he doesn't know, will say, when I worry that his lack of comprehension will lead to lack of interest, no, I just sit there and let the sacramenty goodness wash over me.

And you know, I discovered that that can be a wonderful thing.

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