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Friday, 9 April 2010

"Time was made for God and organists"

In packing, I come across so many unread what-the-devil-was-I-thinking-when-I-bought-that books, half completed why-did-I-imagine-that-was-worthwhile projects,still in the package who-was-I-kidding-that-I-would-ever-use-that cooking implements, no longer my size where-did-I-suppose-that-would-ever-be-appropriate-dress garments, and scraps of paper with illegible writing on them.

Notes to myself of thing I though I ought to know, or that struck me for one reason or another....
Music which accompanies worship should never be performed in a fast tempo.

Devotional music, whether vocal or instrumental, cannot be hurried without losing much of its prayer.

Charles Marie Widor, at present the oldest among great church organists, has often said, "Time was made for God and organists."

The spirit of worship is opposed to any hurried feeling.
A(lexander? loysius? lbert?lphonsus?) S(mith? chwietzer?keffington?)
M (arch?ay?usic?) '37

I imagine it was from the forward of some old and crumbling organ collection in some dusty loft.
Anyone recognize it?

(I do know WHY I copied it out, as I look back with no nostalgia whatsoever on the sniping about tempi that was such a large part of my life until recently)

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