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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Potential Earworm

Note: the title of this blog is NOT a judgement on any particular ordinary, nor on the one featured in this article. (whihc I have not yet heard.)
It is just an acknowledgment that the settings that get pushed by the publishers, the big organizations, and Os of W tend to possess WAAAAAAAAAAY too much affect; they get played to death; they do not wear well.
In anticipation of the new translation of the Roman Missal, OCP has chosen five new and four revised Mass settings for initial publication. Misa Santa Cecilia/Mass of St. Cecilia, a new bilingual setting by Estela Garcia-Lopez and Rodolfo Lopez, is among those selected. While Masses in Spanish only are not affected by the new translation of the Roman Missal, bilingual settings must be prepared for communities worshiping in both languages.

"When you write bilingual music it's always a challenge to make both languages feel natural and flow with the music," said Garcia-Lopez. "We tried to find a good balance between the two languages. The other challenge was presenting the music in a user-friendly way, giving musicians the versatility to switch languages as necessary given the parish's needs. We wanted it to be fully bilingual, meaning one could learn it all in Spanish or English or bilingually."

This parish-tested setting will be included in an Order of Mass supplement, which will be made available to OCP customers using resources affected by the new translation.
OCP, the 900 pound gorilla of Catholic church songs, (Himself would say "the Texas Board of Education," rather than the gorilla references,) has a website on all this.

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