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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Not to focus on trivialities, but...

Congratulations to the people of Lose Angeles on their new co-adjutor Bishop, congratulations to the new bishop and congratulations to the soon-to-be-out-gong Cardinal,

I refuse to agree with bloggers and commentators, (over at Fr Z's for example,) who chortle that this is not a "win" for Mahony.

Nonsense - for starters, this is not a game with winners and losers.

But more significantly, if Gomez is a good bishop his appointment is a "win" for all men of good will, whether he is the choice they would have made or not.

But here's my huh?, from Cardinal Mahony's own blog --
The first four Bishops of the Los Angeles territory were Hispanic Bishop, to be followed by five Bishops/Archbishops of Irish descent, and myself of German and Italian background.
With a name like that, he's not of Irish extraction?

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Charles said...

What, G, like we don't know that Cleopatra was the Marie Antoinette of a big river in Egypt?