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Saturday, 24 April 2010

If you haven't an umbrella, DO wear a hat...

I have been helping out at the parish that is my former place of employment in a variety of musical ways (volunteer, mostly...)
After one liturgy, my replacement and I were talking about the coming new translation, how to prepare, when to prepare, WHO to prepare,etc...
My dear, dear pastor approached and we let him in on the topic under discussion.
"New translation? I got the answer, just do it in Latin...."


Now, no doubt this strikes you as an unremarkable conversation.

Six years ago this same priest accosted me after a Mass at which the Sanctus had been sung in Latin, the simple Gregorian one, Jubilate Deo, Missa Primitiva, Pro defunctis... however you choose to name it.

What was that, the people don't know Latin!
Don't worry, we're only going to do it at choir Masses, so that they'll have a lot of support, until they know it.
But the people don't know Latin!
Well, they'll pick it up with repetition.
But the people don't know Latin!
Well, they can't know it unless they learn it, and they can't learn it unless they hear it.
But the people don't know Latin!
Well, they can't know it if they don't hear it and do it. Don't you WANT them to know it?
(LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, uncomfortable pause)

Make of this what you will. (But yeah, I feel a little like Moses, looking at the Promised Land he would never reach, even though he was the one who dragged the Chosen people, kicking and screaming, to its threshold.)

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