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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Why My House Will Never Be Sold

I will never get the clutter under control so that a realtor can show the dang thing.
I am constantly being way-laid in my packing efforts by books which I haven't seen in a while, and even sometimes of which I was completely unaware.

From its presence on a shelf with cookbooks (a recipe for a barley-based dessert still eludes me...) I think I know the used book emporium whence this came -- the Catholic Choirmasters Course, Third Quarter, (theory of chant, and chironomy how-to,) what seems to be a correspondence course published by GIA when they still knew what their first initial stood for.

The original owner of the book was doing his lessons in 1951.

The editor is one Clifford Bennett, and the Lessons are by Rev. Ethelbert Thibeault -- wonder if they left any other legacy I can find online. (O joy! another timesuck!)

Suddenly , in the middle of one lesson we read:
Gregorian Chant is a Prayer
Before proceeding with the technical theory of this lesson, the author feels that there is a certain value in repeating once again that Gregorian melodies were conceived to pour forth a common prayer, the prayer of the solemn liturgy of all the Christian people. Our liturgy is in fact the very center of Christianity.... Religious music has one purpose: the musical clothing of the words of the liturgy.
Can one imagine the leader of the Music Group saying something similar as he launches into teaching his ensemble "Awesome God"?

Addendum - Bennet was the founder, in '41. of the Gregorian Institute of America

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