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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How Offensive Can You Be?

And I ask this as someone who has zero faith in, affection for, or admiration of the tenets of the religion being mocked.

And as a devout follower of a second "faith", theatre, (although a secret one for fear of the liturgical musicians,) it pains me to say wish for this, but I hope the show fails hugely, colossally, famously, such that epics are written and ballads sung, with great loss of money and reputation.

I stopped packing (Lord, Lord, Lord, help me! I don't ever want to move again!) too late to catch my usual news program and turned on another channel and did not turn the station quickly enough when the foul excrescence that is The Family Guy appeared on the screen. The blasphemy is beyond belief.

What has happened to us as a people, that mainstream entertainment has no hesitancy at all in mocking what other people hold most dear and in heaping contempt on those other people?

I know this kind of thing has always existed, but at least this kind obscenity, incivility, blasphemy and crudeness was not paraded in full view.

I say bring back hypocrisy, and put this stuff in brown paper wrappers, and behind closed doors, and in dimly lit clubs about which you'd be ashamed for your family to know..

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