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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ewww, it was so slow, so solemn -- as if something IMPORTANT were going on!

I forgot this was going to be on -- I'll have to try to catch some of the rerun tonight, though i did see a moment or two.
Did they show the children's schola of the New Ephrem?
I saw a number of priests I know, and think I may have spotted another few.
The commentators, what little I heard , were excellent, unusually informative without being intrusive.
I think one of them may have been the priest who appropriated my motto - Save the Liturgy, Save the World. (Is "appropriated" the right word? I mean nothing pejorative by it, he is most welcome to it.)
Many happy returns of this day, Holy Father!


Charles said...

The MOTTO was yours?!? Before Fr. Zed?
You need to re-evaluate your personal perspective on Intellectual Property.
I mean, I've bought stuff from Cafe Press that likely had your quips embossed.
Actually, I entirely get it, letting the thought be broadcast via a BIG VOICE.
I hope all's well with you and Himself with the changes.
Will we see you in PA?

Scelata said...

Indeed, I shall be at Duquesne (sp?) with bells on!
The big changes have slowed down because Himself has received offers of gigs to play, in at least one case, the role he was born to play.
Actually I'd used "StL,StW" at the New Liturgical Movement before I dropped it into the combox at Fr Z's.
When he first picked it up he acknowledged as much, but when he cleaned up his post, he removed the acknowledgment, for some reason.
C'est la vie...

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)