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Thursday, 8 April 2010

There'll always be, (faw faw faw,) an England...

...and also, apparently, there will always be lazy talking Americans.
Would [some revered Telly talking head, presumably,] [some other revered Telly talking head,] have urged his listeners to "take a look", rather than "have a look", at something? Unlikely. Is it possible thatwould have asked one of his interviewees if he planned to "meet with" someone? Hardly. And what about [a third revered Telly talking head,] – can you imagine him describing a difficult challenge as a "big ask"?

Of course not – which is why [a woefully inadequate, in the opinion of the editorialist, presenter,] (current occupant of [#3 above,] The World At One chair) prompted such irritation when she used the phrase "fess up" (rather than "confess") the other day. Not only is it lazy talk, it is Americanised lazy talk, and listeners do not like it. One of the BBC's roles is to act as guardian of the Queen's English, a responsibility that should not be tossed aside carelessly by presenters archly trying to sound like shock jocks.
Really, what could be more shocking than such vulgarity? "Meet with"??!?#?%??&???

(But sorry, this lazy American 'fesses up to ignorance -- a "big ask"?)

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