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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Kevin Allen

Very nice profile of the fine, fine liturgical composer Kevin Allen.
His inspiration comes from many sources, but his liturgical music is a direct expression of the ideals expressed in Pope Pius X's 1903 apostolic letter "Motu Proprio," which laid out how church music was to be performed.

"After reading (that letter)," Allen said, "I was faced with a challenge that has been my endeavor from that day until now -- 'to increase the beauty and splendor of the ceremonies of the church.'"

Kevin will be directing the schola for this June's Musician's Retreat at Mundelein, which makes me mourn, not for the first time, that so often, so many wonderful, IMPORTANT things are all scheduled for the same time!


Heath Morber said...

Where will you be going this June? I think Mundelein will get my money . . . too far to Pitt.

Scelata said...

Pitts it is -- it works out well for me becasue of some business in New Jersey -- but now's when I wish I had that saintly power of bi-location. (Not to mention money to DO everything)

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