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Monday, 20 October 2014

A Suggestion, in the Interest of Comprehension

It would make me very happy if every time someone within Vatican City had something to say or write for public consumption, if they would arrange for  that elderly Bavarian gentleman who lives there to take the time to ghostwrite it.

Get him to agree, whether he holds the same position as you or not, Cardinal X or Monsignor Y, to do us all the service of making it possible for the world at large to at least understand what the heck it is you are trying to say?

I know we should all strive for "reading for comprehenison," as teachers said in the antediluvian times of my schooldays, but it must be said that many highly placed persons seem to make little effort at writing for comprehension or speaking for comprehension.

I make allowances for those trying to communicate in non-native languages, but couldn't the translators be appointed for, I don't know... fluency?

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