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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Taxes, and Numbers, and Graphs - Oh My!

Maybe I'm obsessing on this now... but if this is true...
The Catholic Church’s refusal to budge on Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics has cut into Catholic revenues as thousands of Catholics in “irregular” situations have switched their affiliation on tax forms.
... then why does this graph....
 "amy welborn"

 ....show consistently similar rising and falling rates of "defection" from protestant churches, which presumably allow divorce and remarriage and communion?
Is the claim that divorced German Catholics are "switching their affiliation" to something non-Christian?

It reminds me of the effort to blame the falling numbers of vocations to the priesthood on mandatory celibacy - it fails to address the likewise falling numbers of vocations to the married state where, um... not being celibate is part of the duty.

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