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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Easing the Path to Decrees of Nullity?

By the way, I do not for a moment believe that the way to an annulment could not be smoothed, or that the process works fairly and efficiently in all times and all places.


But of the several practicing Catholic couples whom I know, who could benefit from one and said they "couldn't" get one, three had never so much as approached the diocesan office to inquire about the process, one had made a phone call and gone no further, one had gotten paperwork, but never filled it out.


And one other couple told me it was just too expensive.

They have two houses, a boat...

(This was in a diocese that, I know for a fact, asked for four hundred dollars; and in the very first encounter told you, and it was in writing, that if that's too much, just tell them, and if you can't afford anything, that's fine too, they'd take care of it.)

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