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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Traditionalist Catholics and Punk Rockers

I receive emails from the Society of St Pius X.
(Don't read anything into it, I also get updates from Voice of the Faithful.)

There is a phenomenon called phonemic restoration wherein the mind "fills in" sounds an individual has not actually heard to complete the parts of the word he has, making sense out of them, usually from context.
Similarly, if one is presented with only the overtones of the pitches of a very familiar melody, your brain supplies the fundamentals itself, making the  tune "whole."

I thought I knew the word for the analogous visual phenomenon, but it won't come to me, and I don't find it in a quick google - it operates for both pictures and words, and with words, it can lead to what's called proofreader's error.

Every time, EVERY TIME I receive what is actually, IIRC, titled SSPX E-pistola, my mind sees different words completely, and I think these guys are corresponding with me:


A mind is a terrible thing to lose, or not to have one at all...
(I'm not saying I'm disappointed when my first impression turns out to be untrue, by the by.)

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