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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Are There "Throw-Away" Sacraments?

Might not some people look upon, say... Marriage as disposable?

My Mother and aunts, all of them had beautiufl linen handkerchiefs, also silk and fine cotton, embroidered, printed, faggotted or tatted edging, monogrammed... I don't think I've ever blown my nose, that I can recall, on anything other than paper. (Sometimes, in elementary school, on those horrid scratchy brown paper towels...)

Because when they are messed up in any way, you just toss them.

Most people look at relationships that way, the idea of one for now and forever is absurd to almost anyone past the age of twelve, right?

Ooops, that one's used, no problem, I'll just get another.

Okay, that's not fai, many people whose marraiges have ended were not at fault, didn't see it coming -- I had one right here, can't think where it's gotten too, oh well... pass me the kleenex box, would you?

The Pope spoke to young people:
To work means to be able to plan one’s future, to decide to form a family! One really has the feeling that the time we are living represents “the passion of young people.” The “throwaway” culture is strong: everything that does not serve for profit is discarded. Young people are discarded because they are without work. However, in this way the future of a people is disposed of, because young people represent the future of a people. And we must say “no” to this “disposable culture.”
This is “precariousness.” However, then there is the other word: hope. In precariousness, hope. How can one not be robbed of hope in the “moving sands” of precariousness? With the strength of the Gospel. The Gospel is source of hope, because it comes from God, because it comes from Jesus Christ who placed himself in solidarity with all our precariousness.
 Yes, we must stop allowing young people to think that important things are replaceable, disposable.

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