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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Speaking of Obsessions, Recognizing Speaking Voices

I am fairly good at identifying voice-over artists, actually, I'm really good at it and it makes me a little crazy when I recognize a speaking voice in a Ken Burns documentary or an insurance commercial but can't place it.

Seriously, keeps me awake nights.

Couldn't really enjoy this show as much as I might have, because the leading man's voice was so familiar, and it wouldn't come to me. I mean, of course, I'd seen him in other things, (loved the Horatio Hornblower series,) but he seemed to sound exactly like someone else. Timbre, diction, inflection, phrasing - everything.

Finally thought of it.

Ioan Gruffudd Picture
Ioan Gruffudd
     sounds exactly like    
David Gwillim Picture
David Gwillim.

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