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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Priceless! - the "Carry On" Synod

I keep forgetting to update my links, and I keep forgetting to look in on Damian Thompson, now at The Spectator.

Okay, it's snarky, but he's snarky to those with whom he agrees, so I don't think his valuing evaluation of Cardinal Kasper is too out of line
Say what you like about H.E. Walter Card. Kasper, he speaks his mind. Normally this suits liberal Catholics. Today they’re wishing he had maintained a prudential silence.
In an interview with Edward Pentin of ZENIT published just as the fathers of the Carry On Synod on the Family thought things were calming down, the retired German cardinal held forth on Africans and how they don’t get it on the subject of homosexuality and really there’s no point in talking to them

(He admits he's paraphrasing...)

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