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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

F rank B runi's Gay Obsession

Sheer stupidity from the sex-obsessed NYTimes columnist.

I wonder, is there any procedure for having the government officially acknowledge that one is in favor of, say, embezzling, and in fact, reserve the right to engage in it oneself, an embezzling license, as it were?

And I wonder, do newspapers ever print interviews with members of congress, (or, now that I think of it, others who are celebrated for likewise doing nothing,) who proudly proclaim their good Catholicity and their support for, oh, I dunno, legalized bearing false witness against their neighbors?
Wait, politicians, that would be redundant....

I also wonder, can one discern from observing strangers, what method of birth control or what health issue accounts for the difference in age between any two children?

And finally I wonder, even given the abysmal catechesis  of most cradle Catholic who received neither from parents nor clerics no religious an authentic "echoing back" of Church dogma, is it possible for someone to be so ignorant as to be unable to differentiate between the absolution available to someone who sins, repents and intends to sin no more; and the lack of same available to someone who glories in his sin and has a firm resolve to keep on keepin' on?

For the record, I do know of more than one heterosexual Catholic in music ministry who was removed because of what they call an "irregular" marital situation.
The Times wouldn't have covered them, both because they have no bearing on the Times' agenda and because, oh, I dunno, because no activists called attention to the cases by complaining to the new media?

And indeed, unmarried women who become pregnant from consensual sex, are often relieved of their duties.
I was involved in one case because I needed to help deal with the aftermath, and it could not have been handled more kindly and graciously, and with more charity toward the woman.
And I suspect, (although I don't know since it was none of my business so I didn't ask, since Catholics value discretion and privacy, a trait which is often maligned as secrecy,)  that had she been an officer worker instead of a teacher dealing with inquisitive pre-, borderline- and fully arrived pubescents all day long, it would have been handled differently.

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