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Monday, 6 October 2014

"The Church must rediscover mercy"

Or so says  the Catholic primate of England and Wales, or at least a headline quoting liberally from an interview with him.

But he actually says:
“I grew up very firmly in a Church that understood itself as a Church of sinners. [But] I don’t think it’s been our strong suit in the last 30 years...I think what Pope Francis is calling for is a return to that lived sense of the mercy and compassion." 
 Um... it sounds to me from what you are saying is that what we've ACTUALLY lost is our sense of sin -- without which we can effectively neither seek nor dispense mercy.

When the Good Shepherd goes out in search of that one last lamb, upon finding it does He say, No, no, that's okay, you can stay where you are, whereve you want to go, really, I'll just bring the rest of the flock out here.

No, no He does not.

He picks it up, slings it over His shoulders and brings the one who was lost home.

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