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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

"This is not what I signed on for...."

Every once in a while Himself and I will find ourselves at a Mass where something touchy-feely is going on, or what sounds like the theme song from Barney is being sung, or the homily will be instruction on self-hypnosis, or a bowl of warm water is presented to us and we are asked to dip our hands in it, or a kid in a football jersey stands at the ambo and tells us about the rally he attended the previous week that made him realize "how fun mass can be!" or a group of children perform a play instead of having the Gospel read, or the Liturgy is never really finished because it devolves into a roast for a beloved parishioner, or.... you get the picture.

You have your own examples. (Every one of the preceding is real, and first-hand, sorry to say.)

And Himself, who is a convert, usually turns to me at some point, cocks an eyebrow like Mr Spock, and whispers, this is NOT the Church I thought I was signing on for.

But every once in a while, (and this is far more rare,)  Himself and I will find ourselves at a Mass where something unexpected and reverent and awesome occurs, and he stops his only half-joking digs about false advertising.

Lauds at a monastery, a Eucharistic procession at St John Cantius, the closing Mass at a conference led by Fr Weber, Byzantine Divine Liturgy,  Vespers or really anything he has ever attended at the CMAA Colloquium...

We don't get many opportunities the way things are at present, so I like to be able to show him that these things do still exist, they are going on in the world -- and there are photos to prove it.

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