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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Denial is Just a River in Egypt

I was in a cast with ... this woman, once.
A few days into rehearsal I said to this woman, "I know you, it's been driving me crazy, but I finally remembered where, we met at an audition once."
No, this woman told me, I never forget a face.
It was backstage at the XXX theater on Broadway, it was an open call for YYY.
I was indeed at that audition, but I would remember if I'd met you.
You told me that  had just come back from doing a show, ZZZ in the Bahamas, where you had learned to ride a motor scooter.
I did work there in that play, but no, I'm quite sure.
But don't you remember, we did the oh-do-you-know, have-you-ever-worked-with thing and we discovered that a guy I went to high school, QQQ, had played your son in that production?
Why, yes QQQ was in that cast with me, but no, I'm positive we've never met before.
It was all very friendly, so I hadn't offended her; and she didn't keep he voice hushed and dash furtive glances, so she wasn't in witness protection; and she was competent in a pretty wordy play so it wasn't memory; and it turned out that I knew her agent from long ago and we discussed him, so it wasn't long term memory; and she remembered that particular audition so it wasn't global transient amnesia.

It was just denial, pure and simple, denial, from what motive I have never been able to fathom.

I only bring it up, because I've read a couple of columns online or on paper, recently, like this one, found them resonating with me, (you know I love my Aldi,) found myself agreeing with the writer - and then gotten to the end and realized my agreement was supposed, somehow, to put me quite solidly on the conservative side of our political/ecological/cultural/gustatory divide.


But I hate liver, I love wind farms. Other than being 100% pro-life, I tend to fall on the liberal or progressive side of things, big government, rah-rah!, (and even on life issues -- I'm also anti-capital punishment.)


Wondering, am I a closet conservative? who doesn't even know I'm in a closet?

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