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Saturday, 7 March 2015

If Only Members of Parliament Were Permitted To Marry Instead of Forced Into Celibacy...

.... if only in the '80s there were women in the two houses, in the cabinet, in No.10, the feminine presence as a sort of leavening agent!
Why,  these things wouldn't be able to happen in civilized places like Great Britain!
If only....
A newspaper editor was handed startling evidence that Britain’s top law enforcement official knew there was a VIP pedophile network in Westminster, at the heart of the British government. What happened next in the summer of 1984 helps to explain how shocking allegations of rape and murder against some of the country’s most powerful men went unchecked for decades.
Less than 24 hours after starting to inquire about the dossier presented to him by a senior Labour Party politician, the editor was confronted in his office by a furious member of parliament who threatened him and demanded the documents. “He was frothing at the mouth and really shouting and spitting in my face,” Don Hale told The Daily Beast. “He was straight at me like a raging lion; he was ready to knock me through the wall.”
Despite the MP’s explosive intervention, Hale refused to hand over the papers which appeared to show that Leon Brittan, Margaret Thatcher’s Home Secretary, was fully aware of a pedophile network that included top politicians.
The editor’s resistance was futile; the following morning, police officers from the counter-terror and intelligence unit known as Special Branch burst into the newspaper office, seized the material and threatened to have Hale arrested if he ever reported what had been found....
Great Britain’s notoriously tough libel laws insured that obviously he couldn’t repeat the allegations included in the Home Office papers that about 16 MPs and members of the House of Lords, and 30 high-profile figures from the Church of England, private schools, and big business, were members of, and advocates for, the Paedophile Information Exchange. The shadowy group, which operated partly in the open, campaigned for the age of consent to be abolished and incest to be legalized. It also allowed pedophiles to send each other secure mail and to meet in person....
 Sir Cyril Smith, the man who “had steam coming out of his ears” as he remonstrated with Don Hale, was himself allegedly a predatory pedophile with more than 140 complaints filed against him. Throughout his life he had been protected from prosecution.
Among the retired police officers Danczuk interviewed, one recalled the time Special Branch officers forbade them from asking a victim about Smith. Others remembered the day Smith was allowed to walk out of a police station without charge despite indecent images being found in his car after an unexplained telephone call from London.
Patently, this is a great evil.
But will trolls now scour the internet for opportunities to use this evil to indict all politicians, all government, all enormously fat men?
Will the structure of constitutional monarchy be blamed, as inherently productive of this evil?
Will the NYTimes end every story about England with a quote from a cockney anarchist who can't get anyone to listen to him at Speaker's Corner? will "progressive" British periodicals hire disgraced associated with other organs, (news organs.... what did you think I meant?) who have publicly dished about how delightful the death of the HRH would be?
Probably not.
It is only the Church that is so hated.

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