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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

"Self-discipline and Sacrifice"

Reason # 623,725 that I lie pixilate the facts online.

David Brooks tells us what it takes to split up "gracefully."
"Self-discipline and sacrifice"? Oh, is that all? simple then....

Has he been reading over our shoulders?

Kidding, it seems he's writing about an entirely different, and less yeesh-inducing level of communicating and failure to do so, and people who have at least some notion of privacy than was the subject of convo this morning chez scelata.
Himself, yet again, did what we both call"doing a [his given name]" this morning as it is his wont to begin actual vocalizing of his thoughts in mid-conversation, forgetful that all the previous conversation had been in his head or on his screen, and that a pronoun is not enough to clue me in on "who" much less "what."

When we finally sorted out of whom and concerning what he was speaking, (I'm not going to have Kristen Schall on my back,) I shared his.... "ick."

A relativ An acquaintance had announced her separation from her husband very jauntily on Facebook, commenters provided commiseration or congratulation, the thread grew and the soon-to-be-ex joined in, "Yeah, ya cow, well if ya hadn't'a' gone and....." and a litany of high crimes and misdemeanours ensued, and a bitchy time was had by all.

What possesses people?

I have enough laundry of my own to wash.

There are almost-family members who take it upon themselves to announce deaths, illnesses, job losses, matters that are not theirs to broadcast to the world...

I am discovering that most of my siblings, like me, are that pitiful combination of traits, loud-mouthed  INTROverts. Many of the siblings spouses are the type to show off the beautiful intarsia knits they've done of their Social Security #s on Pinterest.

Oh well, it's Lent, so I will not say SHUT UP ALREADY.

No, I will not say that.

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