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Friday, 6 March 2015

The Distracted Communicant

Oh, good, I like this priest, gee he seems tired, well he's getting old, maybe I'll go to confession after Mass, wonder if he's hearing them, I should stop at Shop-rite and get some yogurt, forgot to ask Himself if it was all out, if the pastor were here he would have found a way to shorten the readings, I was amazed that none of the kids in class knew the story of Joseph, oh except that little one who's obviously very theatrical, wonder if a career is on the horizon, did I remember to pay the health insurance premium, what am I going to do with the kids on Sunday they were soooo disengaged last week, I'm afraid I was crabby, well it's good that I can go to confession, can't believe how badly that insurance site is set up,.......... excellent sermon, why didn't I take the label out of the back of this shirt it's scratching my neck something fierce, oh, that's the guy who doesn't like to put the kneeler down, okay, don't need it, I suppose it's not a matter of preference, it's his age and his knes and whatever................. how are the lines going? is this the ExMin who gets nervous if I signal that I will receive on the tongue?............really, the 17th c.? very modern seeming reflection in Magnificat, what a beautiful artwork, isn't it odd how different the violets of the chasuble and the tabernacle veil are?

Oh, wait, - "Thanks be to God" - it's over?

I think I do my best, but sometimes it's really not good enough.

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