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Monday, 30 March 2015

"How do you see homosexualists trying to enforce others against their wills?"

A commentator in the combox at Crux asked that, seemingly without irony.

Wrong place to ask.

Ask the baker whose choice was to do the will of homosexual couples or face a lawsuit.

Ask the B and B owners being sued for refusing to host gay weddings.

Ask the Catholic adoption agencies forced to shut down if they would not place children with same sex "couples."

Ask the old coots who run a "wedding chapel" in Idaho who are being threatened with jail time, jail time, for the love of mike! because someone is trying to "enforce them against their will" to accept a new definition of marriage. (I am aware no person is so threatening - but the law itself, deeply flawed and badly written, does. )

No, no, no one trying to redefine marraige wants anything but to be left alone to live his life as he wants, nothin' to do with anyone else.... keep telling youself that.

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