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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"On the Origin of (TWO) Species," According to Liturgical Notes

Fr Hunwicke has a fascinating, multi-part series... I guess if it were not multi-part, it would not be a "series", she said wearing her official Repetitive Redundancy league hat.... beginning here for which he asks patience in the combox, no commentary before final post.

It's not really on the aspect of the Liturgy implied by my post tittle, I just couldn't resist once I had typed the word "origin."

It begs fair to be the most enlightening work of his ever - that I could understand.
(I'm certain there is brilliance on the blog that was just beyond my reading or reasoning skills, but so far so good with this.)
Anywho, it is about liturgical history; it is about the prayers of the Mass, specifically those of consecration, across rites and across nations and across centuries, and the tardy entrance of the Holy Spirit, or rather, man's invoking of Him, in one rite in particular.
"On the Origin of Specifics"?
Go read him.

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