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Monday, 2 March 2015

"Troubling Consequences"

The possibility of sex – selective abortion in the UK was exposed in a Daily Telegraph investigation in which two doctors were filmed agreeing to carry out terminations because the unborn babies were girls. Police investigated, but the Crown Prosecution Service later refused to bring charges against them, saying that it was not in the public interest.
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I know, I know, how could it be, really?
Because, um, consequences.
MPs are likely to vote against attempts to outlaw abortion on grounds of gender after Labour warned that it will have "troubling consequences". ..
She said that the move could inadvertently outlaw abortion in cases where there are "gender specific abnormalities".
In a letter to MPs, she also warned that the amendment has the potential to undermine Britain's abortion laws
You know, like reminding people that there are some reasons to kill a baby that even WE  think are, you know.... not good.
You see it's ALREADY  illegal. So we don't need to say it again. And we won't prosecuate anyone because, it's ALREADY  illega --  wait, that reasoning doesn't work. Let's see, how can we make sense of this....?

And we'd better, because I where the UK treads, there tread we....
Because sometimes, you simply MUST have a boy.
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What else can you do if the estate's entailed?

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