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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Fr Joncas on "Jesus is My Boyfriend" Songs

He's ag'in'em.
BUT, and to quote Pee-wee, "it's a big but,"
But I had to question my desire to wall off this music from liturgical settings when I acknowledged that I was quite willing to be emotionally overcome at communal prayer by the spiritual intimacy and emotional rapture of African-American pieces grafted onto the Roman Rite.

Interesting read.

I know what he means, trying to discern if there's a principle one will only apply selectively.
It's a real hazard in the environment of religious music, and (sub-set,)  Sacred Music and, (still smaller subset) Liturgical Music, since we're all subject to our won prejudices.

Used to have arguments with our DRE,

in which she would hiss, "That's just you opinion!" however much I assured her that if putting the kibosh on, say, a Polka Mass were a mere matter of personal preferences, I would have then plumped for  a Jig Mass, or  better yet, a Tango Mass, or best of all, a Waltz Mass! (Couldn't Beautiful Blue Danube be adapted for the Asperges? I digress.)
Pietist movements is that they appear in Christian history whenever religion seems to be divorced from experience. Thus among German Lutherans in the 17th C, the movement emphasized personal faith against the perceived stress on doctrinal and theological issues to the neglect of developing a Christian way of life.
I thank him for the "seems" and the "perceived." I have known of people condemning the more traditionally minded in a parish, who "just want Latin and their Expositions and Benediction," instead of worrying about "Social Justice," referring to them as"the pro-Life adoration crowd," ignoring the fact that these people were also the "Soup Kitchen, St Vincent de Paul Society crowd."
(Not to mention the fact that there is no "social injustice" greater than the deliberate private execution of an unborn, innocent life.)

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