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Friday, 18 July 2014

I'd forgotten that it's not just on Sundays that Catholic think they "own" their seats.

Our church is being painted so for weekday mornings, Mass is in a smaller chapel. The past few days there have been several young mothers with several young children a piece, perhpas some kind of  usual daycare they shared has come to an end?
In any case -- they are attentive and quiet, and I turned to a gentleman whom I know, (although not by name,) and smiled, "A lot of children!"

Yes, he hissed, and yesterday some of OUR people had to stand...

"Our people"?

We're Catholics, I thought ALL of us are "our people."

Please, Lord, I'm already crankier than I ned to be, I can see myself doing it as I get older, don't let me turn into one of them!

(I will NOT complain about the blue paint they've chosen....)

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