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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Who was the Pope's audience? Does it matter?

I read in Zenit that the Holy Father was addressing diocesan priests when he said,
"Bishops must give an example of unity, "  reminding the priests that was what Jesus had asked of His Father for the Church.
“This cannot be done speaking badly about each other. The unity of bishops is important to the unity of the Church”, he said, adding that the devil revels in and profits from internal conflict.
“The bishops must be in agreement in unity, but not in uniformity. Each one has his charisma; each one has his way of thinking and his point of view.” Though he admitted at times this is the result of mistakes, often it is the result of the Spirit.
“A unity in diversity,” is what’s needed, “in which no-one loses his own personality.”
I read on Eponymous Flower, a self-described "polemical Catholic Royalist blog,"
Pope Francis asked the Evangelicals and Pentecostals for forgiveness for the "assault and slander" that were committed by Catholics.  Literally, the Catholic Church's leader said: "Among those who are members of the Pentecostals were prosecuted or convicted, as if they were madmen who would destroy mankind, were also Catholics." Next, the Pope said: "I am the shepherd of the Catholics, and therefore ask you for forgiveness for those Catholic brothers and sisters who were possessed by the devil and did not understand anything."....
It is "a temptation to say: I am the Church, you are the sect. Jesus prayed for unity. The Holy Spirit creates diversity in the Church. He makes the differences. But then Holy Spirit makes the same unity and the church is one in diversity. A diversity reconciled through the Holy Spirit," said Pope Francis according to Lettera43.
What is Lettera43? (An Italian newspaper, but i can't work out exactly what sort, reputable?)
Eponymous Flower uses more actually-enclosed-in-quotation-marks-phrases than other reports that I have read of what the Pope said.
I assume they are well informed and trustworthy?
(Although there is this continuing problem of diverse sources reporting on diverse matters of  diverse opinions of the Pope of diverse degrees of authority -- none of which can be corrected! My mind drifts back to Eye of the Tiber too, too often when reading about our Holy Father.)

I imagine he did use the same phrase in those two different contexts... do you suppose there are shades of meaning for him?
Does he see the fractioning of the Body of Christ as the ultimate scandal?
Or does he think the Holy Spirit is responsible for the  twenty to thirty-some THOUSAND different Christian denominations?
Do the differences just boil down to practices? not to competing claims of Truth?
I cannot wrap my mind around this.

I would be satisfied for now to know what "agnosticism that has entered into the Church in groups of intimist piety” refers to.

What is "intimist piety?

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