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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

MoDo,a Little Pitchy?

It's nice to know that it is not just about matters ecclesiastic on which MoDo is wont to wax ignorant.

Right after pretty much admitting flat out that she knew literally nothing first hand about the presentations of the Metropolitan Opera before Peter Gelb's tenure, she proclaimed that they had been "musty" and "fusty".

Perhaps she just has an aversion to anything grand that is beyond her powers of understanding.

And has she become irony-impaired?
Peter Gelb still recalls the sting. “In second grade, my report card said I couldn't take criticism, and I remember being devastated by that.”
 Get it, Mo? 

He said that a teacher criticized him.... for not being able to take criticism..... and he couldn't take it.... you know, the criti--- oh, never mind.

(And yes, I know "pitchy" isn't a word, or rahter, didn't used to be, but there's nothing that we can do about it now.)

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