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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Devil Has NOTHING

Interesting little insight in Magnificat's "Day by Day" for... well, today.

Father Simeon, a Cistercian, tells us, in commenting on the parable in today's Gospel about the enemy planting weeds in the field of the man who had sowed good seed, that "the Devil has no separate field of his own in which to grow his weeds."

This is Gospel, for certain! This Good News indeed!


Whatever title Robert Hugh Benson may have conferred on him, however John quotes the Christ in his Gospel, the Lucifer is  Lord of nothing, Prince of nothing  --- ALL is God's, all is the Lord's.

The devil is given too much power when we forget that, whatever might seem to be under his control, ultimately he has no possessions that we don't give him, no strength or influence that we don't cede to him ourselves.

Stay strong!

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