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Saturday, 19 July 2014

"We're smarter than the devil!"

When ever himself and I enjoy some piece of trivial, (and yet STILL undeserved,) good luck, you know, finding a parking spot in the shade, getting the last jar of extra crunchy peanut butter at the store, we dance around like mad things chanting that....

I've lost track of how many conversations I began at Colloquium with, "Okay, I know I watch too much TV, but did you ever see...?"
Because, um... I do.

Anyway, that's how I felt yesterday evening,  I did my own private victory dance after I accomplished an Alchemikal Mirakle!

It's AMAZING, you whip, and you whip, and you whip, and your arm wants to fall off from holding the measuring cup steady,  pouring the oil into the egg yolk as slowly as you can, drip.... drip... drip... drip.... one tiny bit at a time, like water torture, and then suddenly you see this magical thing happening!

I think the bad rep mayonnaise preparation has, the warnings about it in cook books, must date from the pre-electric mixer era.
And if I'd had a stand mixer, (or the sense to use a small plastic instead of a large glass cup,) I wouldn't even be complaining about my arm now.

And the Simpson reference?
Like so much else that comprises our own private mythos and compendium of shared shtick, it is misremembered, or perhaps the result of being misinformed at some point, (more about that later.)
I can almost hear Himself's older sister droning, "Thaaat's not the way it happened...."

We though that the story involved Homer Simpson's ability to consume and enjoy such a prodigious quantity of processed cheese-like food, with which the Devil intended to torture him, that the Evil One just gave up and let him have his soul.
Details.... we are too debonaire to be bothered by such insignificant expedients to telling a story the way we wish to,  as mere facts.

And the actual instrument of torture was donuts.

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