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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lying With the Truth

Selective, out-of-context quoting in order to make it seem as if someone said almost the exact opposite of what he actually said is a method espoused by the slantyest of slanty communicators, (a technique that will henceforth be known as the "'You Didn't Build That' Ploy," or alternatively the "'Women Are Helpless Without Their Sugar Uncle' Gambit.")

A Catholic Bishop, inexplicably said that he does not identify with those glum people praying the Rosary outside of abortion mills.

Or did he?

Rather than criticizing the pro-life activists, was he actually criticizing the secular media that, in the visual equivalent of selective out-of-context quoting, shows pro-life activists in an unattractive light deliberately so that viewers will not identify with them?

"On that occasion I said we should be careful, especially with television, in which only images are used that help to support personal theories. I gave as an example those that focus on the most inexpressive faces of [persons] praying the Rosary against abortion in front of clinics."

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