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Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Ghost in the Machine?

No, not some dualistic view of soul and body, but an actual machine acting as if... what? it had a spiritual side?

Printing, or at least trying to print a largish, (in denomination, not size or number of pixels, if indeed pixels is how a pdf is measured, I haven't the foggiest,) coupon.

My computer begins singing, or rather shrieking, a high-pitched moan I had never heard before, and instead of the expected coupon, out comes something by Blessed Columba Marmion, which I had read or at least skimmed a few weeks or so online, which I was not now, (not sure I need to but I turn off wi-fi when I'm not using it,) but had not tried to print, or even save, so far as I know.

I guess the universe wants me to read it.

Or the blessed man himself?

(They hate us though, computers, doncha think? or at least remind us they think they are better than we are.....)

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