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Friday, 11 July 2014

Speaking of Miracles, II

How is a miracle ever credited to an uncanonized person, clearing the way to official sainthood?
How can the Vatican congregation that does such investigations ever state definitively to whose intercession a miracle was due?

In the entire history of the Church, has there ever been anyone suffering in a life-threatening situation, who a member of the faithful himself, or whose case was known to  some other believer, on whose behalf prayers for succor were offered ONLY to some departed and uncanonized, perhaps even un-beatified Servant of God?

No, no! no Hail Marys, no, please don't ask St Padre Pio to step in, please, we don't want any requests aimed St Jude's way, we're putting all this in the hands of the late founder of our order, we don't want any interference muddying up the chain of command, so if little Jackie recovers it can be guaranteed to be due to Abbot So-and-so's intercession, certifying HIS sanctity, got it?

Would you ever put all your eggs in one basket that way?

I know I wouldn't.
I pray to every saint and possible saint i can think of.

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