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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Seeking a Decree of Nullity

There's some jawing back and forth, (I know on line it's not literally jawing, but it just seems the right word -- there's an old joke, or line from some writer about the Chicago alderman who would lie that he had a ham sandwich for lunch when he really had tuna, just to keep in practice -- I think comboxes attract people who love to say things like, I didn't imply, YOU INFERRED! or maybe, you should have said "some" if you didn't mean to imply "all"!!!!, so that even if only your fingers come into play on those comments, you're "jawing,")  on the subject of , (yeah, I know that's not what they are, really,) annulments over at Fr Z's.

The subject, improving my life as immensely as it has, is of great interest to me.

But THIS comment, after another poster had linked to a tribunal form gave me pause.
are you aware that if you have completed that form, by providing a link to it here you have violated the sworn oath not to reveal the questions?
The questions?
Winesses are generally sworn to secrecy about the questions? I followed the link, and it does indeed require secrecy regarding the questions.

I don't remember any such undertaking in Himself's case not to divulge details, in fact I am fairly certain that he was encouraged by his advocate to share with anyone who might help in recall of facts.

And since that time we have shared quite a bit of the process several times, in counseling other people to seek decrees, and in praising the process in general.

Perhaps different tribunals have different rules?

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