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Monday, 21 July 2014

Upending Custom... That Had Upended Custom and LAW

I know too many Catholic who suffered as members of the "Church of Rochester" not to be gladdened by this.
In an extensive interview, Bishop Salvatore Matano said he has been confronting the issue [of illicit preaching] on a case-by-case basis since his installation in January and is now drafting guidelines to clarify that homilies are reserved for ordained priests and deacons, as prescribed by canon law. 
"It is not a policy shift as regards to the universal law of the church," Matano said. "I am trying to help the faithful understand what is the universal law of the church and how important it is that in the celebration of Mass, we do what the church asks of us." 
The reversal is perhaps the starkest example yet of the contrasting stewardship of Matano with his predecessor, Bishop Matthew Clark, under whom the diocese earned a reputation as...
... as what exactly?
The secular newspaper says, "liberal," but you may have your own description.
I know I do...

Matano is diplomatic, to say the least, attributing to years of flouting Church law to a "misinterpretation."

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