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Monday, 28 July 2014

Liturgical Ministers Training?

Honest, it may seem like it, but I am not picking on Praytell and its writers.
I wasn't reading them for a while, it seemed so boilerplate WeAreNoArticlesPleaseChurch, and their lionization of certain persons and unfair silencing of others was a bore.

But I am very grateful to them for the links to various occurrences at the NPM convention, and have been dropping in there a bit more often.

Anyway, this reference isn't even a criticism, it's more of a lament -- someone asked what kind of training people did for "liturgical ministers."

My parish?

Clearly -- NONE.

The lay readers, (who strangely, are full of advice,) are about 50% incompetent in one way or the other, (projection, diction, preparation, cursory knowledge of the order of Mass, careless and casual posture and liturgical gesture.)

The Extraordinary Ministers are a mixed bag. One once asked me to grab a paper towel and swab out the ciborium to "make sure there were no crumbs left."

They do have, as is usual, among the lost little children serving  as servers, two older gentlemen who approach and accomplish their office, I would almost say, perfectly.

Every parish I have ever known has one or two such.

I have never understood, why are they not asked to train the children? Why is it left to a harried priest or an ignorant DRE?

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