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Saturday, 19 July 2014

The 'Vicar of Baghdad'

From Archbishop "Cranmer":
Canon White suffers from MS. As a result of that debilitating affliction, he was told by the Church of England that they were unable to recommend him for a parish in London because it would be "too stressful".

So they sent him to Baghdad.

Where he has ministered now for 15 years.

He has lost a thousand of his parishioners over the past year alone - murdered by Muslim militants; many of them summarily shot or beheaded. He has recently been speaking to numerous fellowships in the UK to raise awareness of the situation in Iraq, and he received death threats last week from ISIS/ISIL (or IS [Islamic State], as they now wish to be called). Notwithstanding the danger, he has returned to St George's in Baghdad to continue his work. 
St Antonio Primaldi, pray for them.
Servant of God, Aura, who won the martyrs crown on this day, pray for them.

Is this really the plan? Can we doubt it?

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