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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

No, actually all tigers do NOT have stripes....

... and it can kill them.

A writer on a group blog, Women in Theology, responded to criticisms of her criticism of  Eve Tushnet's interview which apparently maintains that a lesbian can be a faithful, celibate Catholic without "repressing" her sexuality, (I haven't read the interview yet.)

The woman on WIT uses a witless (see what I did there?) syllogism containing the premise that "all tigers have stripes."

Unless this is urban legend, at least one Bengal tiger was famously deprived of his stripes, and it was the death of him.

And there are other reports of non-striped tigers.

This may or may not be relevant to her greater point about what it means to be "gay," but it at least points out that absolutes are too often absolutely wrong, and I thought it was funny that the author used it, shortly after I had heard an argument about Beastmaster. (My brothers can argue about anything.)

Amusingly, well, to me anyway, Marc Singer's fantastic pecs not withstanding, he is a fine, classically trained actor.
I did a show once with an actor of some Hollywood fame, and the night before we began rehearsals, or dress rehearsal, or something, a local station broadcast, (yes, children, in those days....) a re-run of an old made-for-tv movie in which he and Singer played struggling actors who made ends meet by becoming strippers, and then had to fight their way back to respectability.

I hope Marc Singer is as good a sport when he is teased about Beastmaster as Gregory Harrison was about this.
Gregory Harrison shirtless Fresno

Okay, that photo is Harrison in an entirely different role, but I couldn't resist.
 He really was a terrific sport, and a great guy.


(And though I haven't actually seen Magic Mike, and have no intention of ever doing so, I can't imagine either Tatum or McConaughey, whichever one plays Mike, being more magical that Harrison who was, and probably still is, breathtakingly handsome in person. And his stripper movie having been made in the early '80s for broadcast tv, it was probably mild enough to merit a G rating in today's market, so I have no qualms about posting pictures from it.)

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