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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Three Things I Like About the Church

Everyone complains about junk eMail, but I, at least, will admit it's almost all my own fault.
Did I need to register for that site? 
Of course I do, how dare I deprive the community of Greater Posting-on-the-webs of my astounding insights on the subject at hand?
Well, why haven't I at least gotten off my duff and set up a free eMail account to absorb the junk that I know perfectly well such registration will inevitably produce.
But their might be coupons! 
Search for them if and when you need them!
Well, how can I know I need them if i don't know they exist?
Besides, there might be something I have to know about!
Or I might miss a funny baby video!

Yeah, that's how my mind works.

Anyway, I don't remember ever receiving anything newsletterish from a particular Catholic website before, but "Name 3 Things You Like About the Church" was a topic heading in one such missive, (along with, "Is helping kids with homework a sin?" Really? I digress.)

Well, after. 1. The Presence of the Second Person of the Triune God in the Eucharist Freely and GRACIOUSLY Given to Me a Miserable Sinner ... whew, that's a biggie, do I need anything else? I mean, what's not to like?

So yeah, that's enough, but 2 other things about Catholicism that really float my boat?

2. Here Comes Everybody! (thank you, James Joyce)
The universality of the constituency to whom all this is on offer, and the utter destruction of the perceived barriers of not just space but time is awe-inspiring and delightful and reassuring to me.

3. We're All in This Together
The Economy of Salvation is the greatest re-distribution of wealth of which the human mind can conceive, isn't it?
And unlike in, say, a ponzi scheme, there is no loser, no ones capital is ever depleted, by one person getting more no one thereby has less! And I can not just ask for intercessory prayers from him who is my neighbor by accidents of time and place, but of all the inhabitants of Heaven, and all the "inhabitants" of Purgatory,  even those of whom I am unaware, (thank you, Communion of Saints!) - and Graces received can be, and are "applied" to anyone who is needful, either in the Ecclesia Expectans or Ecclesia Militans.

Is that great or what?

Yeah, it's great....

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